What Is Muay Thai ?

What Is Muay Thai ? Hay, this is a overview to the question -What Is Muay Thai. If your looking for a in depth explanation, then please head over to my other site, The Fighters Heart HERE. But, If you don’t have a lot of time, or just ant a quick read, then read on. Muay Thai is most […]

Who Is Muay Thai For?

Who Is Muay Thai For? If you are interested in learning more about why Muay Thai might be for you, or who Muay Thai is for in general, then read on. I will start by explaining why I was interested in it myself, and then I will go in to why Buakaw, one of the top Muay Thai and K1 fighters […]

Muay Thai Benefits

Muay Thai Benefits This post is about the benefits I have gained from just the first few months I have had from my training in Muay Thai. Most of these I expected. But, one of the Muay Thai Benefits I never expected at all, Is the point I will begin with and the point that I […]

Muay Thai Training Philosophy

Muay Thai Training Philosophy There Is Something that Muay Thai has in common with Western Boxing and MMA. That is that the training is Designed Specifically to become a Better Fighter and to Improve Conditioning. This is where the down fall of many other martial arts lays in my opinion. Many traditional martial arts focus […]

Muay Thai Training

Muay Thai Training Muay Thai Training Overview When it comes to Muay Thai Training, nothing beats being corrected by an experienced teacher in person.  I started out by first researching what Muay Thai was, how it compared to other systems and what the techniques were. But I never made any significant progress until I started training […]

Muay Thai Exercise Routine

Muay Thai Exercise Routine Can’t Attend A Class In Person? Then Outlined below is a quick overview of the Muay Thai Exercise Routine I did in my second session, so it’s suitable for beginners. The first session covered the correct techniques for the core punching and kicking moves found Here. You need to know how to do […]

Muay Thai Kickboxing Moves

Muay Thai Kickboxing Moves In this post, I am going to be giving an overview of the Muay Thai Kickboxing Moves, Which will focus on the punching and kicking elements of the sport. The Punches The main target for the punch is the head particularly anywhere along the jawline, as this is the spot that is the most […]

Muay Thai Gear

Muay Thai Gear In this post, I will describe the Muay Thai Gear you will need to train and compete. You will find that when you join a gym, that gloves and pads are usually provided. I will off start with the essentials. Gloves Gloves come in sizes from 8OZ up to 16OZ. The advice I was given was […]

Muay Thai Gear – Part 2

Muay Thai Gear – Part 2 This second post, in the 3 part series, describes the gear to get when you get more serious about the sport. Or if you want to train at home. This article focuses on the protective gear you and your training partner will need to prevent injuries. This is important so that […]

Muay Thai Gear – Part 3

Muay Thai Gear – Part 3 This is the final part in my series on Muay Thai Gear. While the fist two focused on what to wear. This one focuses on gear you can train on that you don’t need a partner for. This is a list to make you aware of the range of tools […]

The 5 Benefits of Training Muay Thai

The 5 Benefits of Training Muay Thai This post, is about the 5 greatest benefits I have got out of training in Muay Thai. Do you agree with these? Or, have you gained some different benefits, that are not even listed here? The 5 benefits of training Muay Thai , are what I have found to be […]